Monday, November 11, 2013


I wanted to write an update with how the little miss is doing when life settled into some sort of pattern. But it hasn't. We stayed in MN longer than planned, then Annalee and I went straight to Fargo for the annual Welle girls weekend (Greg's mom's side of the family) and we arrived back in Bismarck last night. Plus Annalee hasn't gotten into a schedule yet and is still struggling with something (yet unknown) so it's hard to update that!

I had an appointment scheduled with the baby chiropractor this week but we are going to put that off for yet another week. The reason is I think her problem is milk issues so I want to explore that further.  She's been having green frothy poops which is an indicator of fore milk/hind milk problems plus when I went back to dairy after 9 days with none, Annalee was really struggling. Pumping confuses all that, of course, so a call to the doctor has been made. Hopefully we can come up with a plan, some trial and error to figure out what works or maybe she'll just grow out of it all by the time we figure it out! I will say we have tried different things (oils, reflux meds, etc) with no great success. It also is hard to know if there's no immediate result. Oi. 

I'm still pumping but I try to nurse on one side at least once a day. Sometimes she gets it, sometimes not. It's still quite painful, who knows why I'm so sensitive, the nipple shield has helped slightly (just used it twice thus far) but the pain is more internal or something. It's also hard to make the time to try when so many things need to be in place (her hungry but not starving, me full but not engorged, neither exhausted, no Eli impatient in the background, etc). But I am determined to keep trying especially since I think nursing could help her issues (getting milk less quickly perhaps!?). 

So that is what I can say for now. It is incredibly hard to see her so upset and unsettled...wondering if she's in pain and how to stop it. We love her regardless!

Our little lioness...check out the matching 'do:


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Katie said...

so hard, friend. btw, the hair comparison is so fantastic! :) i love the color of her beautiful! we struggled with frothy poos, green poo, etc. with nora too. dairy does take several weeks to get out of both of your systems, so if that is what is bugging her, it'll get gradually better. i had to cut soy too because i think 60% of babies who are sensitive to dairy are also sensitive to soy products. after THAT was all out of our systems, i had to also cut acidic foods-tomatoes, citrus, vinegar, etc. anyway, it is such a guessing game and oh so hard to watch your baby struggle in the meantime. (p.s. i discovered nora's frothy and/or green poops were caused by oversupply (which then caused foremilk/hindmilk imbalance). what remedied it was to feed her only off of one side per feeding. in the morning, i would actually do the first TWO feedings on one side and the next off the other b/c my supply was different on my right versus my left. ANYway, just throwing that out there in case that could be of help to you. i'm not sure how that would work with pumping...i guess giving the milk from only one side for each feeding. but i really think the biggest factor in her getting better was time. another few weeks/month and you'll be in a whole new world. i just know it. hang in there, my friend.) (((hugs)))