Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Exhaustion, Elation.

Was meaning to post more but things went down quickly this morning!

I rested for awhile after the last post. Maybe slept for five minutes. The epidural was not too strong thankfulky so I knew we were progressing. A nurse came in a bit before noon and after checking me, went into overdrive to get things ready. A little after noon I was pushing. I wish I would have had Greg and the other nurse push on my back from the beginning. I wasted some pushes and energy at the get-go. I felt so out of shape! But he came at 12:31pm so I ended up with minimal pushing really. 

He stayed on my belly for awhile (so precious, this boy who clearly looked like Eli) but he wasn't crying much, wide awake though! They took him to get the goop out of his lungs and measure him, then he came back to me. We were amazed at his weight (8lbs, 5oz)! Big boy for sure!

I have tried to sleep with minimal success and I'm crazy tired. He seems to have similar latching issues like Annalee, wants to nurse but he doesn't have a superb latch. You better believe we will be working on that. No NICU please! Lots of my time has been spent skin on skin, this the lack of posting. 

Food is here and Dad is working on his name post! 


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