Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This boy wants to keep it interesting! Doctor broke my water but the massive amount of fluid leaving caused pressure on the cord and baby's heart rate went down, too much. The doctor and nurse went into efficient mode so I didn't really know what was happening at the time.  They had me move positions then very quick an oxygen mask was on me and every person working on this unit descended to our room. I had taken my glasses off to fit the mask on and all I recall is quite a few blue-scrubbed people fussing around me. They looked like smurfs with my lack of eyesight. Thankfully baby's heart rate went up again and stabilized. They gave me a shot to stop my contractions so that he could recover fully from that little scare. 


Now I went ahead and got the epidural after having a few contractions and they started pictocin to get it all rolling again. I'm 5 cm already so things are well. 

Pray his heart rate stays decent during labor so we don't have an emergency c-section!

Now I have an hour to nap!



Jill K said...

I Love that you're updating here! What a sweet record you'll have to look back on....

And we are praying for just this..... a good heart rate in the little guy and you to KNOW the Father's presence with you in every evident way.

much much love!

Sidni Mikulecky said...

Wow!!!! What an entrance he made!