Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Evan had his lip tie cut today. Poor kid. It's a very quick and simple procedure but still painful! He's been getting many snuggles today. 

I've nursed him a few times since and it does seem less painful but still not perfect. I think he needs to heal a bit before I start forcing his mouth this way or that. Hopeful a better latch is coming!

He is 8lbs, 14ozs today! Growing great, very thankful for that. Glad we've had him on the outside for two weeks on his due date today. 

He burps and farts and smiles often, this boy. And we are loving it all!


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Jill K said...

So glad the procedure is done and he can be snuggled back to comfort and will hopefully be latching really well soon! Gorgeous pics too, dear! A wise savings since you've captured his fantastic charm and adorableness just perfectly! Much much love to you~