Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meeting Siblings.

Both sets of grandparents brought Eli and Annalee to the hospital to meet Evan on Tuesday night. We had the kids come in the room first to meet baby and tell him his name. Then we let Eli open the door and say "the baby's name is Evan Lloyd Kasowski" to the grands.

Eli was very excited! Annalee wasn't. In her defense, not an hour or so later, she was battling a fever. She didn't really say a word the whole time there and did not want to sit next to me. She looked adorable in her new purple big sister shirt. However I was crazy tired and excited to see them and just didn't take photos before they needed to go. They got to all go out to eat together and minus Annalee being sick, that was sure special for them.

Annalee's fever broke yesterday but we still had her stay home last night when Grandma brought Eli to hold Evan. It was super sweet how happy Eli was to get to hold Evan. He held him for a few minutes, then was just happy to be around us.

Eli holding Evan for the first time. 
Today we came home, exhausted and elated to use this going home outfit, again, with a live baby! The kids were very excited, and a bit stir crazy, both wanting to hold him. So here's a few photos after being home for a few minutes this afternoon:

Love these kiddos.

I didn't get any super photos of Evan in the going home outfit - but a few... so special to have our firstborn so prominently displayed in each of our kid's going-home story. Thanks to Grammy for embroidering it!

This is him this afternoon right before heading home - thanks to my dear friend Cindy for the awesome blanket!

all four kiddos proudly remembered