Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hurry up and wait, like Eli's doctor said!

They did the induction-working suppository-like thing about 1:45 and it's going along fine so we may not need pictocin (IV induction drug). Haven't seen my doctor yet but she'll be coming soonish to check and maybe break my water. Not quite sure!

I finally got an hour or two of sleep. Greg got more thankfully! I just couldn't wind down or get comfy before and when I did, it got loud here and contractions got slightly uncomfortable (irregular however) and I kept needing to pee. The most annoying is my nose is congested so I need to flip... but hooked up means it's hard to flip. Seriously, I'm such a terrible sleeper. Uffda. Baby is doing fine, moving frequently, maybe he's a terrible sleeper too! 

New nurse will start soon and when the doctor comes I'm hoping for things to progress well! It's going to be a long day and I'm definitely starting out as one tired mama;) 


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Sidni Mikulecky said...

Thank you for the update!!! Please keep them coming as you are able :) Sad you didn't get more rest, but I hope you will feel energized today no matter how many hours of sleep you are losing!!! Excited to hear word of baby boy :)