Monday, June 13, 2016

So Very Close.

We have made it to being only 12 hours away from induction. Baby is moving (thanks to the Twizzlers I just ate), and I'm nowhere near the stress level I was with Eli or Annalee at this point. I have already made it further than either of those two pregnancies too... making me think this boy is going to be my biggest baby yet. We shall see SOON!

Friday's appointment was a little tougher than all previous. He took almost the full half-hour to pass the ultrasound (he would always pass right away before). And he took almost an hour for the non-stress test. And the machine broke. And I had to see an NP I've never met. And there was only one doctor there that day. A little comedy of errors. I was grateful my parents were here to watch the kids and that in the end, baby was/is fine. I'm so happy to be done with these hour or two appointments twice/week! 

Grateful we made it through Sunday when I wasn't feeling awesome, Sunday being the day Maelee died and it just being a bit more concerning for that reason. We made it! And I will never be pregnant another Sunday again. 

Greg and I are a little apprehensive about a 1am induction tonight. Crazy hour to start birthing. We shall start out insane tired from the get-go. Whatever. Get me a baby alive and I'm game. Fairly certain we can say his birthday will be June 14, 2016!

We have about three names in consideration, with a handful of possible backseat contenders that could make it through. We may just have to wait to see him, which we have never done before. I feel super terrible that I don't just LOVE one name and feel ready to name baby. Sorry, boy. I'm sure you will grow into your name shortly after we decide. 

I feel wildly different from any of the three babies before this little guy. And that's okay. I'm not as nervous, not as prepared, not as concerned about details. Some of that may end up less than ideal but overall, I think this must happen the more kiddos you have. 

We will share more as we begin the labor process tonight!



JHSummerlin said...

Praying for you and little man!! Being extra relaxed and less worried is a blessing, I am sure!! It's just proof that God has this and you don't need to worry :) Blessings, grace and peace to you all!! Joanne Summerlin

Jill K said...

Beloved Heather,

Ahh! It's well into Tuesday here but not yet 1 AM there so I'm waiting and crazy eager and super excited and praying praying praying for you all..... so glad for your "whatever" for the tiredness and unpreparedness and yea- it's all going to shake out and this is what grace and all God's promises are for. He is with you.

I had a long night of hard physical pain this weekend and was so encouraged by words a friend had just shared with me from Andrew Murray, something about how "All that happens in our lives- actually ALL of it- is either by God's appointment or His allowance, in order to work some purposes of His that we cannot see and do not know but we can trust who He is. The God who suffered and took on the immeasurable loss of separation and the cross for us."

Somehow for me, clinging to the promises of His presence with us always and knowing that none of what was happening was apart from His knowledge, even his choosing for me, was a great help to persevere. Praying that His presence and love and care will be so very tangible and known by you all as you head in soon to meet your little man.

love you!