Saturday, June 25, 2016

Newborn Photos.

Saving money by taking some newborn shots of Evan myself... which I'm somewhat regretting because having someone else do it for you is way nicer. I'll wait for the professional for family photos sometime this year. Plus Evan is so cute! And we don't need a ton of perfect shots... so if I take 1,000, there's bound to be a handful of "suitable for framing" ones.

Here's one that his little hand got in the way:

I know many of my images would pop if I put them in black and white but it's really, really hard for me to put newborn shots of a live baby in black and white. To me, if your newborn is full of life and color, then let's celebrate that! Black and white is awesome but I'm scarred with too many baby loss images only really able to be in black and white. Our only images of Maelee are not in color. Therefore, you will see color-only shots of this little man when he's this tiny (today probably back up to birth weight!).


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