Friday, June 17, 2016

Epic Night Happening.

I started this post at 4:40am... will finish it now because Evan's first night home from the hospital must be recorded!

Going to try type while nursing so this can be remembered. I'm in the middle of one crazy epic "first night home from hospital" night. We all know I'm running short on sleep and energy from Tuesday plus delivery plus being at a hospital with interruptions galore. Home was supposed to be restful!

Our little guy since being home doesn't want to be put down. He wants to nurse constantly. Then he has weird swallowing burping breathing issues. Once it seemed like he'd stopped breathing. All I'm sure are normal just tiring and keeps me on edge. I'm still nursing through the pain of his latch not being spot on and my milk still not in. That alone is worth telling Evan about someday.

Greg took the first shift so I could go to bed at 9pm. It involved me finding them outside with Evan screaming. So I nurse him. Then Annalee is up whimpering. Greg doesn't hear her so I'm nursing Evan and go to comfort her (multi-tasking clearly is my new normal). Then I'm up with Evan again, watching him have his weird choking breathing issues, not swallowing or something. So I resort to just hold him upright on me while trying to sleep.

Annalee wakes up again. I tag Greg in because I nursed Evan again and I'm done. He sleeps on the floor next to Evan. After an hour or two, Evan is ready to nurse again.

Then Annalee - she all-out flips out screaming bloody murder. I kid you not. Worst screaming ever. Greg couldn't even calm her down! He brought her downstairs. She wouldn't tell him what was up. Clearly her nightmare was monumental. Eli then woke up crying so Evan and I had to go reassure him. 

After this all, an epic storm showed up. Super loud hail and wind like a tornado. I took video with my phone to remember how loud it was! I thought the window would break. Kids (go figure) slept through it! How stressful! I can't imagine what we will find outside tomorrow morning. The worst - since they were sleeping, I COULD HAVE BEEN SLEEPING! I want that hour back! And I want no hail damage or washing out of our lawn, again.

Back to nursing Evan again and Annalee just banged her head HARD against the wall so I was back in there. She seemed SO HUGE when I picked her up. Clearly she's not the baby anymore. Poor girl.

Tried sleeping on the floor next to Evan. He can't quite swallow or get burps out or something. He just spit up in his sleep. I thought colostrum means you didn't spit up? Oi. Up again holding him.

This is why you must sleep when baby sleeps. Somehow with more than one kid, all this seems harder! Thank God my mom was here so I got an hour nap this morning and another hour just now. Still need more sleep. Will get it someday.

Evan, may you other nights at home be much less eventful.

Raging Storm.
Learning to live on the outside is tough. 


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