Friday, June 24, 2016

Nursing Update.

Mr. Evan is following suit with his sister in regards to feeding issues. The difference is I'm a mom that went through that with Annalee and now I'm armed with knowledge and perseverance in order to avoid that pumping-only fate.

His latch is still painful. Most times it's toe-curling painful on initial latch and gets less severe as he nurses. The good news he is gaining and healthy and doing great. And the other good news is my supply is good, plenty of milk for this guy.

There are about five to ten "clues" that he has a lip tie, just like Annalee did. Again, the difference is that we didn't figure that out and get hers clipped until she was two months old. By then she was addicted to her bottle and would not latch. This time I'm nursing through the pain, not giving Evan a bottle (well, he's had an ounce a couple times) so that he doesn't get used to that immediate gratification.

TUESDAY we will have Evan's follow-up with our primary in the morning and then in the afternoon, we have the appointment with the same great doctor that cut Annalee's lip tie. I'm hopeful that soon thereafter, we will have a better latch with much less pain.

The lactation consultant nurse yesterday confirmed my suspicions, affirmed that I was doing everything I could and should possibly be doing, praised that I was problem solving on my own with different techniques and positions I was trying. She left feeling helpless just like she did two-plus years ago with Annalee (yes, same person came then and she remembered us, remembered feeling terrible she couldn't help us out). She did say he could have a hard-to-diagnosis slight tongue tie as well so I will be mentioning that to the doctor.

All I need to do until then is keep Evan gaining and keep my supply up. Then after Tuesday we will need to make sure his lip tie doesn't heal up and attach again so it'll be swiping his upper mouth area often.

Signs of his bad latch (for those curious to know):

1. PAIN!
2. Clicking sound when he's nursing
3. He de-latches - not fully all the time but slightly
4. He doesn't open wide enough and get enough of the nipple area in (this is the main cause of pain)
5. Less pain as he goes on means that my nipple is softer (after initial release of milk when I'm full) and therefore, he's able to get more of the nipple area in with his suck (hard = hard to suck, soft = easier to suck in)
6. He's got nursing blisters on the bottom lip
7. When nursing, you can see his top lip is tucked in usually and not flared out
8. Lip ties are hereditary

I have alleviated some pain by using my thumb to hold down my top nipple area while nursing. There's an official name for this trick and I came up with it by trial and error!

I'll be awaiting Tuesday and praying this will lessen the pain so we can keep moving forward nursing this sweet little man.


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