Monday, June 6, 2016


A few folks have asked us about baby gifts. Y'all. This is my fourth baby! All we really need is him to be a good nurser (not like his sister) and some clothes and some non-pink things around him. Right? Oh wait, I guess some things are nice to own when you bring a tiny human into your lives. Thankfully I only sold some things last year when I thought we were done. And this boy isn't going to care he's in a pink rock-n-play, right?! 

We are good on diapers because I'm a crazy sale stockpiler. There's a few things I put on an Amazon wish list that I've found we are missing (where did all our wash cloths go?) so if you really want to find (used perhaps!) something for our second boy, use this as a guide:

You'll see my current love for gray coming in here. We are using Eli's room bedding but lessening the orange and doing more gray. My mom arrives today to make it look nice!

We were gifted preemie and newborn and some 3 month handmedowns! So he's good for tiny. And I've kept much of Eli's starting at 2T. So if you want to buy him clothes, there is your size timeline. Eli was so huge so quickly but Annalee wasn' that makes it hard to plan. 

Thanks for loving him with us! I'm starting to get REALLY excited! 

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