Sunday, June 19, 2016

Head and Heart and Boobs.

My heart is fully grateful for Greg. He could be a mediocre dad. Just doing what he needs to be there. Instead he consistently goes above and beyond to interact with our kids, show them life and his love, engage them and care for them. What a special day to see him care for yet another baby this Father's Day. Evan has no idea how much he's going to love this guy!!

Annalee's FD drawing for Greg:

My dad showed back up today from being up north so we got to see him too. It's always great to give my dad a hug on Father's Day. I missed my FIL but I'll see him this week for my hug. 

My head hurts. I got a nasty migraine in the middle of the night last night. I'm sure it's lack of sleep and hormones. It's a doozy and besides ibuprofen I can't take anything. The day was hard to get into and I'm sure the night will be hard. But I'm alive. It'll go away. We will have sleep again too. Yes.

My milk came in yesterday. Oh my - huge. Evan has no jaundice issues! His latch is still needle-poking terrible, especially on initial latch, but we will get there. He is often very sleepy and it's hard to get him nursing on both sides fully. Nursing woes are just part of this process for us. On the plus side, he seems to be better if I can get a good burp out of him and keep him upright after feeding. Much fewer crazy gulping gasping episodes. And he did have his first spit up today, mid nursing, all over. I'm pretty sure he gets what he needs in seven minutes what takes other babies 15 minutes. Much grace needed in all this feeding sleeping business. 

If anyone wants to come hold a snuggliy baby upright for awhile so I can sleep...


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