Sunday, October 27, 2013

2 1/2.

Our little man is TWO AND A HALF today! How did that happen?

He's a gem, a true delight and a complete gift wrapped up in a remarkably cute package.

I put this date on the calender months ago knowing he could probably use a day of celebrating him with his sister coming soon before and rocking his world. I bought him a little gift on Amazon but it didn't arrive in time. I wanted to make him a half of a awesome decorated cake. Or two and half cupcakes. Or give him two and a half cookies. Or two and a half scoops of ice cream...

but then life happened and I had no desire to bake. Then Eli had the worst poop today and he really, really didn't need any massive amount of sugar. So Grandpa to the rescue - he made popcorn, in a Cars bowl. And we put on his hand-me-down Cars pajamas from his friend Luke. And then Eli got to watch half of Cars the movie (which he just got from the Lipperts) for the very first time. Up until now Eli had no idea Cars was watchable... he's just seen books and merch with these cool cars on it with cool names. He sat next to Grandma totally mesmerized, popcorn untouched (which you know means something). After awhile he ate the popcorn, of course, and asked Grandma a hundred questions about what he was seeing.

 That's our boy. I wish you could all hear him and see him and snuggle him like we get to:)

I try not post naked pics... but it's too cute not to share.