Friday, October 18, 2013


Ever since my phone took a dip in the sink on Tuesday, I've been having a little phone-fast. The first few hours I felt quite uncomfortable. And unattached. And out of sorts, not having this thing I checked so very often each day. I emailed someone about a new phone within an hour of the incident. I mean, how was I going to take photos of Annalee?!

I was pretty certain the thing was dead. I saw it go from on to slowing dying out and putter into nothingness. And then I plugged it in (why, I don't know, I panicked). I then had to feed Annalee and do a ton of other things so I just had to let it be. But then my mother-in-law took my phone and put it in rice, like you are supposed to.

Later on that night she said it worked. I was too scared to hope that it was. But then the next day Greg said it wasn't working. And I looked and it saw it half-working. I kept it in rice. Finally yesterday we charged it and took it out and it seems to be somewhat working. The volume button is kaput. Sometimes the whole phone will just freeze. But most of the time it seems to work. Enough to get me to December when I have an upgrade? Let's hope so. 

But the last few days of not using it has been a good forced-fast from it. I have lost that feeling of needing to check something. The flip side is that I'm not able to share photos and info about Annalee or what's going on with us... and with so many of you far away, I miss that ability to connect!

So in that vein, here's what's going on:

1. On Tuesday Annalee was 7lb, 7oz. Surpassed her birth weight and well on her way out of newborn size diapers. She still has possible reflux issues which we'll discuss with the doctor next Tuesday. She still won't latch, but I'll keep trying. She obviously is gaining weight so bottle feeding her my milk is at least going well for her! I am still hoping for her to latch as I think pumping is loads more work and I miss the connection like I had with Eli. 

2. Eli seems to be adjusting alright. He has random bursts of affection for Annalee; he'll hug, smoosh her, kiss her and say sweet things. Other times he doesn't care much as long as he knows he's still got our attention. Her stealing his thunder is his greatest fear. 

3. My foot is still sore but I can walk short distances without a limp. Last weekend I went shopping three days in a row (oh how I missed shopping!) and overdid it each day. I've tried to be better but with so much going on, it's hard to actually take time to rest my foot. Nighttime is when I feel the stress of the day on my foot (and back, etc). So I hope all my muscles hurry up and come back. Ideally I'd be doing stretches and cardio and other such healthy things to make this happen... but I am not that disciplined and way too tired yet!

4. Greg has taken one day off of work, Friday of Annalee's birth. That's it. So obviously he's tired. He goes great guns when at home to help then has to be on top of his game at work. I have no idea how single parents do it. 

5. Our house in SC has not sold, has had no interest. The market has slowed way down, apparently. Sigh. 

6. My family is here for the weekend! Right now my mom is making my bed (Annalee peed) and my MIL is making a huge meal. Happy sigh. 

And since you need to see this cutie:

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Sidni Mikulecky said...

Great picture of sweet Annalee! Thankful for your updates :) Makes it easier to trick myself into thinking you guys are just down the road!