Saturday, October 26, 2013

Missing Sleep.

My amount of blogging is directly correlated to if I'm getting sleep. I'm not getting much and therefore I'm not blogging much!

Our sweet girl is a mess at night. We can't seem to get into a groove moving forward. We actually went backwards! Eating every two hours, much screaming and fussiness or constant grunting, oi, friends, it's been hard. Plus having to wake up to pump, seems so wrong if she's actually sleeping! 

I have much to share but I'm going to bed. Wise choice I'd say!

Our high maintenance cutie!


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Katie said...

oh friend, hang in there! it's going to get better soon...just around the corner! she looks so chubby and incapable of making a single fuss :) what helped nora's reflux was cutting dairy and acidic foods. dairy takes several weeks to get completely out of your/her system, but you should notice improvement in just a few days if that is the culprit. does she have a constant, hard to get totally rid of diaper rash? nora always had a small one until i cut dairy. it's another sign that she could have an intolerance to something. [sigh] well, i hope you're getting much needed sleep right now! wish i could get my hands on your bundle of joy!