Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Carmel Rolls and Cold.

I am still in shock that we live in North Dakota again. Since I really haven't ventured out much these last two months (thanks broken foot), the reality hasn't quite set in that we live here. Like live, live here. Slowly, I am getting it. And lately I have had quite a few "ah, yes, I remember this" moments.

One has been that I have consumed more caramel rolls in the last few weeks than I did in all my years living in South Carolina. Caramel rolls, the way I know them, are not something normal for the South. The local grocery store here makes a most excellent caramel roll which I've had a few times. And I had a caramel roll every day in the hospital, thankyouverymuch. So, so good. If I could, especially for those not in good-caramel-roll-territory, I'd give you all one right now. 

Another snippet of remembering has been every morning the last week or so. Since I'm not pregnant anymore and therefore not full of my own little mini-heater, I've actually used blankets. And every morning it's cold now and the blankets are so warm and cozy and I really, really don't want to get up. It's just hard to get out of that cozy-as-a-burrito warm bed and venture into the cold air. I remember growing up hating getting up in the dark cold to go to school and all those feelings are just coming back. Also, being sleep deprived may have something a lot to do with my reluctance to get up.

I remember loving fall as a kid, but it is depressingly short. The leaves (not that there are too many) have turned and mostly fallen already. Yesterday it snowed nice big flakes. And Eli, out of the blue, said "bye bye grass" and we all laughed, a sort of sad laugh, because he's right. The green grass will end this week. I don't know how it'll feel to see brown and white after living in green SC for six years.

And as I'm typing this I hear this conversation going on next to me:

Eli (whining putting PJ's on): "Want to be naked!"
Greg: "You want to be naked? You can't. It's cold here."

Our boy has no idea. Get out the winter bin.


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