Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hold your kids closer tonight

If you have kids, for us, you’re on the “greener grass” side. Since we don’t have our daughter anymore, we don’t know specifically all that we’re missing. We kind of have an imaginative idea, but not really. We just know we’re missing a lot.

Especially those of you with young kids, you know exactly what we’re missing because you're enjoying new things every day—the first words, the first bite of chocolate ice cream, the first steps, the first whatever.

I know a lot of you have probably been holding your kids closer at night these past few weeks. You’ve probably been a little more patient with diaper changes and crying and whining and complaining and neediness … because you see that we won't get to experience that with Maelee. You don’t know what cha got, till it’s gone. It’s gone for us. You see that, and now you see that what cha got is a reward from God. (Psalm 127:3)

So read an extra story to your kids for us. Hang out with them instead of watching TV. Play dolls or house (or whatever girls like to do) instead of putzing around the house in passivity. Take some time to teach them about God and the truth of his Word instead of letting your kids' friends or TV or humanistic reasoning dictate that. Do for us the things we so wish we could do.



Michelle Fry said...

Wow, this post really got me. I am very thankful for my children and I love them to no end. But when Dan is away and I am a "single" parent, I find myself becoming impatient and frustrated with them much more than I should. I will hold them close and take time for just them when they wake up in the morning.

I also pray that even through your pain, you may take some comfort knowing that your precious Maelee is being held close by our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And may He hold you close in His arms, as well.

TheSpeights said...

Greg, there have been so many times I've let myself get frustrated with the crying or diaper changes or just the fact that I haven't done anything for myself in almost a year. I've let myself get down about Ella having torticollis. One night, Adam was stretching Ella, she was screaming and crying and we couldn't get her to stop. I told Adam that as much as we hate stretching her and hearing her cry, you and Heather would kill for that because it would mean you had Maelee. When you guys lost Maelee, I let my frustrations go. I started to see past the things that seemed like a pain and see them now as blessings.

I think what you guys have had to go through is probably one of THE hardest things anyone could ever go through. I hate what you guys are going through. I wish you could have all the things a parent deserves to have. I want these things for you so badly. I want you both to know that what you guys have had to go through has had such an effect on so many people.

I pray that you guys have the joy of children one day.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for these words Greg. Honestly, I've prayed for you and Heather almost every time I've changed Faith's diaper this month. All kinds of little things I do with the kids remind me to lift you guys before the throne.

I am so, so, so sad for you. My heart breaks. I'm also sad that Faith and Maelee won't get to hang out at 4-family get togethers. Wes and I were talking the other night that when we all get to the biggest 4-family reuinion in heaven he is going to find John because he always felt a little "cheated" that Bill had you and Mark had Matt... I guess Faith will just have to wait for her 4 family buddy until the other side as well.

Praying that Jesus will hold you so tight you feel His arms like never before. We love you!

Wes and Rebekah

jillian said...

I've been missing hearing from you guys... knowing and trusting though, that you are processing and coping with the loss of Maelee as well as you can and sometimes that will mean not blogging.

We love you, Grether, so much and are aching, praying, hoping looking ahead for a day of joy for you when you will hold your future child... who will forever be a little bro/little sis.

loving you, trusting Christ,

Matt and jill

Melissa said...

Today & everyday I will.... for you & for us. It is easy to forget how precious each word, smile & laugh is. Thank you for sharing, & teaching us parents to cherish it all. I know you will know this joy one day, whether on earth with Maelee's siblings or in heaven with Maelee.

Tengesdal 4 said...

Today, in honor of Maelee- instead of getting busy with the big girls going to school, I did the following things:
*I read 4 stories....before breakfast
*I wrestled with my son....before he got ready for school
*I played football with my daughter (not quite the dolls you were imagining)
and I told both of them stories about how we prayed for them and that they are answers to those prayers...
Thanks for the reminders to be thankful!

Anonymous said...

I gave birth to Tabitha at 38 weeks. I have a photo taken minutes after her birth. Robert and I have grieved for you several time as we look at the picture and realize in a very real way what you lost. I can't help but hold Tabitha a little tighter when I think of what could have been. I don't know why this happened to you and why it did not happen to me instead. I only know that my heart is broken over your loss and our loss. I know our loss is nothing compared to yours. But I want you to know that I was excited about Maelee coming into the world. I could not wait to see/hold/love the baby girl with a head full of red hair. I hurt for you and with you. I grieve the loss to you and to all of us who love her.

Written with Christ' love,
Tricia Wolfe