Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Are Helping.

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting and loving and praying and remembering Maelee. You are helping.

Thanks to those that have sent us Maelee's name in creative ways for her name book. I LOVE to see her name and can't wait to have a whole book of Maelee, Maelee Linn, MLK, Maelee Linn Kasowski. We will put a slide show of all the images on here eventually. Check out this blog our friend commented about if you would like to do something but need some creative ideas: http://wemakewords.blogspot.com

Thanks to those that have blessed us with food... we are very thankful. Our friends set up this web site where people can sign up to bring us a meal (who knew there were sites dedicated to this) but others of you that didn't get the email about the site have asked so here's the info:

http://www.lotsahelpinghands.com/c/625424/ - Fill out the right-hand side of the form which is a "Request to Join the Community". Once you've done this, Amanda will receive an email that will allow her to "approve" your membership. Once she's done the approval, you'll be added and sent instructions on how to sign in.

Sounds complicated and full of steps... so no worries if you don't want to do all that.

So thanks, friends and family, for all your help.

We could not go through losing Maelee without other people carrying us through... I know I wouldn't be able to make it. Tonight we are going to our first support group for those that have lost a child late in pregnancy... it's going to be incredibly tough but it will be good for us (hopefully) to be around those that have been in our shoes. Shoes we would never, ever wish on anyone.

I really miss her.



Anonymous said...

WE are so proud of the both of you. You are both amazing people. We know it is hard to step out. We am praying for you all.

Love you both,
Tisha,Tracy,Taylor,Trevor,and Ty.

Rebekah said...

Heather, thanks for being open about how you and Greg are doing and letting us know how we can pray. The following quote was in a book I am reading:
"There is no better place to be than in someone else's prayers."

You are in our prayers. We love you. ~Rebekah

Diane Kemp said...

Thanks for sharing. I am so glad that it is helping you and Greg. I will be praying for you guys as you attend this support group tonight. I am so glad that you are going but surprised that you are able to go this early on after losing precious Maelee. You are in our prayers. Diane

Jaysen said...

I can't remember why I came to the site. It was supposed to be quick, like maybe to see if your email was on here or something, but then I saw you guys had written stuff, so I had to catch up yet again (sorry). Now I'm late for a support call that came in while I was reading. Last few days of desktop support for me, start my new job on Monday.

Anyway. Love you, praying for you and praying that your support group is a complete blessing.

I'm also trying to figure out how someone left a comment 10 minutes in the future, must be one of those east coasters.

Dori said...

Heather and Greg - We know you have to go to the group by yourselves, but please know that we (the Body behind you) are praying for you.
Love to you three - Dori

Anonymous said...

We will/are praying for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to an awesome brother-in-law I now have a computer to read about my niece. Maelee and her parents are talked about all of the time in Minnesota. We love you all. We miss Maelee and wish we could be there. We will never forget her. Keep writing - now we can read! Auntie Amber (Grammy, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Ali too)

Heather Caylor said...

Heather and Greg-
I "hate" the circumstances on our meeting last night, but am glad that you were able to come and meet/hear other parent's stories! Definitely not a club you would ever wish on you worst enemy, but I pray it will be a place where you both find acceptance, comfort and love. I sure have found some amazing friends in the group who are helping me/us grow stronger each day. I'm here for you...