Tuesday, April 20, 2010

People our age ...

People our age shouldn’t have to know how to order a gravestone.

They shouldn’t have to sit on their couch with Microsoft Word open and together organize their daughter's gravestone.

They shouldn't have to ever argue over what font to use for their daughter’s name.

They shouldn’t have to look at their daughter’s name engraved on the mock up of a gravestone.

People our age shouldn’t have to know that you need to choose a funeral home in the town of the funeral and choose one in the town of the burial.

They shouldn’t have to know what funeral home in town is the best. (Caughman-Harman for those who care.)

They shouldn’t have to decide between cremation and embalming.

They shouldn’t have to order a cemetery plot.

They shouldn’t have to find out how much an autopsy costs, or whether to even do one.

They shouldn’t have to know that autopsies are done at the morgue and not the hospital.

And they shouldn’t have to find out that fact from a lady in the Billing department at the hospital who makes you feel like an idiot for not knowing that fact.

They shouldn’t have to know how to open a memorial account at a bank.

People our age shouldn’t be able to outlive their daughter.



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TheSpeights said...

I totally agree. It goes against the order of nature. I'm so sorry you have to go through this and know these things. I know life is far from fair, but this is without a doubt unfair.

Melissa said...

No parent should ever have to burry their child. To a parent there is no greater fear, & no greater sorrow. One day I pray you will know what it is to watch your child grow, & you will have a greater appreciation & respect for that. Your life will be fuller, & your love will be stronger for having gone through this trial. One day you will know what it is to be with your child, whether it is in heaven with Maelee or here on earth with Maelee's siblings to come.

jillian said...

Yea, this death is far from being even what this fallen, broken world would call acceptable, tolerable.

Evidence that we were not made to die. We were made to live. God wired us that way. Death is not what we were made for that's why it hurts so bad.

We are only glad to know that you are looking to- even with weak eyes and sorrowing faith- the one who conquered death for us... who has begun the victory and will finish it in the end.

"Shall I fear, or could the Head, rise and leave it's members dead?" (Luise Henriette of Brandenburg)

Praying for more sparks of that surety, non-fear for you now.

Matt and Jill

Kim said...

I am sorry that you have had to learn all those things. I so hate death and all its pain, one thing that always comforted Todd and I is that God hates it even more than we do. Still praying for you.

Tammie said...

Oh man... I ache for you. Ache with you. Thank you again for sharing...